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Increase your website's income!

You are either working hard trying to start making money online or you are working even harder trying to dramatically increase your current online income streams. I have definitely been there before.

Of course the more sites you own – the larger your market share – the more power and control you have over your financial future.

However, if you have ever personally tried to setup a blog, you know that setting it up correctly and configured to dominate the search engines from scratch takes a high level of expertise.

That is the bad news, but here is the good news…

Your next website will be different – YOU won’t…

…have to fuss with learning FTP, file permissions or configuration files.


You won’t pull your hair out trying to configure the MySQL database and connections information.

You won’t wonder if you have everything in place to make Google happy.

You won’t need to worry about finding the best website plugins.

You won’t have to get frustrated trying to install those plugins.

Actually, you don’t even have to worry about finding a host – if you don’t want to.

Guess why you don’t have to worry about any of the above? Because, I am going to do all the for work you!

Here is your opportunity…

I will personally install and configure you a website and have it completely ready for you to just copy and paste your content.

There are no technical skills required from you what-so-ever… none!

How is this possible? Because of my Website “Done For You” Package

With my Website “Done For You” Package, you can go do more important things in your life (play with your children, grow your business, increase your profits) while I completely install, setup and configure your new website for you.

Here is what is in the package.

Website “Done For You” Package includes:

  You get...

I will upload, install and configure the latest and most secure version of WordPress for you on your domain.

WordPress is not longer just for blogging – it is now one of the web’s premier website management software. Many of the Fortune 500 is now using it – like the Wall Street Journal, Pepsi, Fisher Price, UPS, Ford, GE and many others. See how they use the power of WordPress below:

Ford UPS Fisher Price Wall Street Journal OnStar Nikon

  You get...

I will setup your permalinks for maximum SEO benefit.

  You get... I will install and configure all the plugins on my list of best-of-class WordPress plugins. These plugins include spam blocking, seo improvements, sitemap generation, ping optimization, search improvements and many more.
  You get...

I will specifically set many of the WordPress configurations to effectively facilitate you in the exact way you plan to use the site (Ie. landing page, publishing blog, etc.).

YES, there is a huge difference on how you setup WordPress based on its intended usage.

  You get... I will install and configure any additional website plugins you request.
  You get...

I will install any website Theme you want.

  Also, Google wants every site to have an About Us, a Contact Us and a Privacy Policy page – so of course your site will also get:
  You get... A completely functional Google recommended and approved Contact Us page.
  You get... A legal and Google required Privacy Policy already setup and linked.
  You get... An About Us page just waiting on your information so Google will smile upon your site.


When I hand over your shiny new website to you – the only thing left for you to actually do is copy and paste in your content. It is really that EASY.

Your Website Done For You!

You get to avoid all the headaches and stress caused by the technical side of downloading, uploading, tweaking configuration files by hand, installing, configuring, searching plugins, downloading plugins, uploading plugins, configuring plugins, setting file permissions, tweaking wordpress settings, creating custom files, and trying to figure out the best overall settings for your specific need.

I have over 11 years experience of building, implementing and deploying websites including over 40 of my personal websites and even several multi-million dollar websites for a few of the Fortune 500. I know what I am doing and I do it exceptionally well.

I have had millions of pages indexed by Google and most WordPress sites can get indexed within the first 24 hours!

I’ll be completely honest with you…

I have only been doing the above service for myself and some of my close friends – so technically this is the first time I am offering it to the public.

To help convince others to buy this great service, I need your testimonial. So if you agree to give me an honest testimonial (no doubt it will be glowing), I am going to make you this ridiculous “first come first serve” offer…

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After delivering the original batch of orders, I will get the testimonials on the page, increase the price by 50% to as much as 200% and relaunch.

Yes, I know this service is being sold today in the real world to real clients for $500.00 to $1,000.00 – but I don’t care what they are doing. This is what I am doing for you today only.

This is an absolute no-brainer investment if you need, want or could use a new website in your online arsenal.

You’ll get a professionally installed, configured and tweaked out website WITHOUT any stress, headache or effort – and you get it for less than the price of dinner for two.

Doing all the activities, that I will perform for you, without the technical expertise could easily take the average Internet user 4 to 8 hours. There are so many “set this file permission to 777″ and “create this file with write permissions” that a simple missed step can cause you hours of troubleshooting.

Even if you ONLY value your time at $10 an hour (most website owners value their time at $80-$200 an hour) – this is saving you huge time and money.

Did I mention…

My Unconditional 100% Guarantee!

100% Money Back Guaranteed!If you have any experience setting up websites yourself, then you have already ordered the package, but if by chance you are still undecided – I’ll remove 100% of the risk…

If I do not deliver on any aspect of this amazing offer – you get all your money back!

Simply email me that you felt that you did not get your money’s worth, and I will quietly and quickly refund every bit of your purchase price.

You even get to the keep the website that I setup for you for trying my service.

Let me build your sites, so you can build your business!

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